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As a renowned tax and business consultancy, the law firm Baldessarelli &
Partner takes over the business audit for small to medium-sized companies situated in Italy and other countries. Within the framework of legal provisions, invoices and accounts, as well as company sales (Due Diligence) are audited. The experience and continual training of partners and employees thereby enable an extensive range of services in the field of auditing.  



    • Revision | legal auditing companies
    • Takeover of supervisory boards
    • Voluntary or legal audit
    • Limited review and audits
    • Limited audits on request
    • Auditing
    • Verifying compliance with commercial and fiscal standards
    • Verifying compliance with reporting obligations such as balance sheet reporting or filing tax returns
    • Determining and interpreting relevant management figures from balance sheets and interim results
    • ROI | Cash flow statement
    • Taking over the pure audit
    • Taking over the administrative boards
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